2023 MACRS Conference

Teaching, Learning, Evolving....  Leading the Next Generation


I would like to welcome all of you to the 42nd annual MACRS Conference. It is encouraging to see so many in attendances this year. I would like to introduce myself; I am Andy Dean from Yellowstone County and it has been a privilege to serve as this years president.  For those of you who are here for the fi rst time, please take this opportunity to introduce yourself to other operators and supervisors, as there is a lot of experience in this room. Thank you, county commissioners for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time here at the conference with us.

This year’s theme is “Learning, Evolving, Teaching...Leading the Next Generation.“ There will be several interesting sessions in store for you this week. We have put together a range of topics for you this year that will include everything from Federal Funding, the Railroad, Permitting and of course Susan Swimley is here discuss road law which is always an interesting discussion.

The MACRS board and the LTAP Program has worked hard and many hours to provide this conference for you all and I am pleased and would like to thank them for all their hard work. I would also like to thank the Heritage Inn staff for all they do in preparing for the conference: setting up conference rooms, dining rooms, Vendor tables and serving the food. I would like to thank all the Vendors who are spending their week with us as well as sponsoring this years MACRS Conference.

During the breaks over the next few days, please take time to visit with the Vendors, they are a big part of the MACRS Conference. Please, show your appreciation for their part in providing this conference for you. Be sure to thank them.

If anyone has any questions or concerns during the conference please bring them to the attention of a MACRS board member, they are wearing black vests.

Again, thank you all for coming and please enjoy this year’s conference.
Andy Dean
MACRS 2022-23 President